Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, hey. Didn't see ya there.

Hello blogland! I have been inspired to join the blog world after reading my friends' blogs. And blogs of complete strangers, too. Whatever. However, I get jealous because everyone is so good at this blog thing; writing seriously funny and witty posts, making their blogs look like they came straight out of a magazine, just being great at life. Click here to check out my friend Amber's blog. Did you look? Yeah, I know. Perfection. Then there is me, who took all last night and all day today picking a freaking background to go along with my photo, picking text colors, and still feeling south of mediocre. Over it.

My life is chaotic. With a capital "C." School. Sorority. Social life. Dating. Family. Friends. Drama. Balancing all of this on my four-foot-nine frame can get a tad overwhelming. Sometimes it can get a little stressful. And by a little, I actually mean I am definitely finding myself contemplating my sanity at times. I do, though, love most everything in my life. I firmly believe that you are in control of what or who is in your life and if you don't like something, you change it. I am aware of this power I have and often apply it to my life. I have lost a lot of friends throughout my life; that being my choice. People don't change, the just become more of who they truly are. And some people truly suck.

Positivity. It is scarce. I'm convinced it is going extinct. I'm optimistic that it'll make a come back and be a fad in the future. As for now, some days it seems like I am positive, party of one. This is something I honestly don't understand. I try to be as truly positive, optimistic and happy as humanly possible without being fake about it. Being so honestly positive about everything changes, well, everything. It seems like there are WAY. TOO. MANY. PEOPLE. who have a negative outlook on just about everything. Why? Why put all of your effort and focus in being so unhappy? There will always something to complain about. Always someone to gossip about. Always. But what the heck is the point? Whatever you complain about will still be there. That person you gossip about will still be there. Let go and get over it. Live your life, happily. It's so much more worth it.

Now that I have ranted, I think my first post is coming to a close. Yeah, life is chaotic. But I always fall a little more in love with my life everyday. It always leaves me on cloud nine.

Hey, look at me! I learned how to add a picture. Damn, I'm smart. This is one of my favorite pictures that I took a couple years ago. I don't know why, but I just love it.

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